about IQCreative

I formed IQCreative in 2012 to provide consistently high-quality and budget-friendly web development services to businesses throughout Australia.

With over twenty years of experience designing, developing and maintaining web sites, I have the skills to create a web site for your business that delivers in both design and functionality.

Aside from my ‘tech-know-how’, what sets me apart from other freelancers and agencies is my ability to listen, understand and interpret your needs – and translate this into a web site or media product that fully meets your specifications and expectations.

You get one point of contact, personalized service and the opportunity to build a working relationship with a reliable and ethical contractor who will support your business long-term.



about claire evans

Perth born and bred, I have been employed in dozens of design and development roles in both the public and private sectors, across two continents and over two decades. I fell in love with the Internet way back in the early 90’s (think dialup and grass-roots HTML) and have never looked back.

What I love most about building web sites is the merging of information, design and user experience. I also love getting to know my clients and being privy to an exclusive snapshot of their business – and the challenge of creating a digital product that fits their unique business model and customer/client base, to the best of my ability.

As a self-confessed perfectionist, I can tell you that every pixel and indented line of code matters, but it’s really about the bigger picture. It’s a holistic combination of words, visuals and functionality.

My primary objectives – after taking the time to get to know your business and YOUR objectives, are user experience (front-end) and ease of maintenance post-launch (back-end).

  • Firstly: enable your clients/customers to find the information they seek easily.
  • Secondly: drive online sales or enquiries via phone or email.
  • And finally: make it all look really nice and in line with your existing branding.
Claire Evans

Some of the web sites I've developed for my valued clients

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